Māngere Integrated Community Health

Mauriora – Welcome to MICH

The people of Māngere want our health to be better than it is. We’d like the way we access and receive healthcare support to be different.The services are mostly there but the delivery doesn’t seem to be about us.

MICH is a group who believes that primary health care belongs to the people of Māngere.

We have decided that we will lead the development of the way we receive health care in our community. We have done this because it’s our health and we take responsibility for it.

To me, owning my health largely means:

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The community has said that we can develop our own perspectives on health and wellness supported by service provider contributions. We are ready to do so. Our community expresses its aspirations to own its health. We believe these expressions guide the way services can be designed and delivered to support those aspirations. This will benefit all parties who provide and receive health services in Māngere.

Changes are required so that services and organisations connect and integrate what they are doing now and into the future. Māngere embraces many peoples in one community. In Māngere we work with each other and with professionals to create our wellness. Everyone is welcome to take part.

Māngere hopes and dreams for health and wellness

In 2009 we expressed ourselves as a whole community on the direction we wished to take with our health and wellness. Our communities wrote a statement about our hopes for health and wellness. It is based on the relationships we have with each other, with the land and with our environment.

We invite health professionals and service providers to join with us on this journey. They can work with us and for us. We expect them to use our statement in their work.

Read the statement

Using the Treaty of Waitangi as our guide

Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi guides the way we work together. As Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti we understand what the Tiriti/Treaty means in different ways.

Tangata Whenua are Māori who are tied to the area by birth, kinship or residence.

Tangata Tiriti are people whose right to belong in this country and to the land is because of the Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi.

What the Treaty means to us

About the people of MICH

The leadership and governance group was selected in 2008 after lots of community discussion and public advertising. There are five Tangata Whenua members and five members who are Tangata Tiriti.

The group was selected in two houses: Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti. The selection process was conducted by representatives of Tangata Whenua, the Māngere Community Board and the Counties Manukau District Health Board.

Follow this link to read about members of MICH:

MICH members