Māngere Integrated Community Health

Māngere Integrated Community Heath

A new community governance and leadership group met for the first time on 31 March 2008 to develop community healthcare in Māngere. This was in response to a call from the Māngere Community to take positive action to own our health and to lead the way Māngere healthcare services are developed into the future.

It has come about largely in response to the people of Māngere saying it is time to exercise positive community leadership and take a controlling interest in how things work.

“It’s a bold initiative” said Tony Spelman, Programme Director, Māngere Integrated Community Health (MICH).

Creating and managing relationships

MICH is very interested in forming different relationships with health service providers to ensure that the way healthcare is delivered matches community aspirations for health and wellness.

“We are also interested in related activity that goes on in schools, churches, government agencies and NGOs and how this is coordinated in terms of the aspirations of the Māngere community. MICH is a complex piece of work but one whose time has come,” says Tony.

Counties Manukau District Health Board Director of Primary Care is delighted with the developments so far.


Dr Allan Moffitt said “In the past we have seen the community as an important participant in the whole process but now the community will operate as the principal stakeholder. Through that relationship we should be able to better understand how to support individuals and groups more effectively through the provision of better professional healthcare and related services.”

“The framework used by MICH (Mangere Integated Community Healthcare) is very comprehensive and inclusive of all people,”  said Allan. “The approach will positively encourage Tangata Whenua and the full range of diverse Tangata Tiriti cultures to operate in ways that will benefit the people of Māngere.”