Māngere Integrated Community Health

We, the Māngere community, have ideas for developing and maintaining our health and wellness. These ideas are an important expression of the power of community leadership.

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Working actively on our health and wellness

The call is for health and others professionals to work with us on community ideas and community-led initiatives. We don’t want more agency programmes where we are simply passive recipients.

These are some of our ideas:

  • Positive parenting programmes for migrant groups.
  • Support groups for solo mothers and other parents. These groups would reflect on the issues of drugs and alcohol, among other things.
  • Endorse and encourage healthy activities that Māngere people currently do – walking, bowls, exercise classes, swimming, going to the gym and playing sport. We want to learn how to make healthy eating enjoyable and interesting.
  • We are interested in body ‘warrants of fitness’ at different stages of life.
  • We want to increase our first aid skills and have more confidence to apply them.
  • Acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractor services which would be coordinated in general practices.

When these and other community-led initiatives are worked through with our communities, people will be more confident in showing leadership and offering direction.