Māngere Integrated Community Health

Owning our health in Māngere and working together to create our wellness

Māngere has many peoples in one community. We want to express ourselves as a whole community. In 2009 we wrote a statement about our hopes for health and wellness. It is based on the relationships we have with each other, with the land and with our environment.

We invite health professionals and service providers to join us on this journey, using this statement as a guide.

Te Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi is our foundation

The Treaty includes us all and expresses important things about our relationships together. In Māngere we choose to own our health and work together to create our wellness. As Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti communities we understand what this means in many different ways. Different groups have drawn up statements of specific aspirations.

What the Treaty means to Māngere

What the people of Māngere want

This is a summary of the key themes from all the groups in Māngere.

  • Relationships drive health service development and delivery.
  • The community is the leader as it has the greatest interest, investment and involvement in health.
  • Community participation must empower people. We are not passive recipients of services.
  • Power sharing leads to change.
  • Education and capacity development is important for knowing ourselves and our health.
  • Health care providers need to analyse and work with cultural difference.
  • Health care providers need to work holistically with people and the whole community.
  • We need care rather than cure, prevention rather than intervention and philosophy rather than lifestyle.

Blueprint for achieving our aspirations for health and wellness

This is how we will achieve health and wellness:

  • As the people of Māngere we take pride in the histories and cultures that shape how we live.
  • How we think about our problems is how we think about their solutions – we want to take responsibility for our health.
  • Our own cultures and languages are vital to our health – they can’t be sidelined.
  • We will reach across cultural gaps to create real relationships.
  • We will learn how to manage our own health and wellness.
  • Our community will lead where change and development are needed.
  • Doctors and other health professionals will learn from our diverse communities.

Statement of Aspirations