Māngere Integrated Community Health


September 3, 2011adminCommunities, Pasifika0

[From the community statement of aspirations]

Interconnectedness is a reality for many Pasifika cultures.

In some Pasifika communities there are practices of pooling costs so that people can pay for medication.

The eyes and emotions of a number of Pasifika communities are used to seeing more colour, e.g. in GP clinics, than is to be found in ‘corporate office’ type colour schemes.

Across many of our communities today the preferred route is traditional medicine. At a later stage a doctor will be considered. Many Pasifika people use a range of options such as prayer for healing within the family, prayer with the pastor or elders of the church, particularly in serious cases, and anointing with oil. Traditional fofō involves the use of selected plant leaves to massage the body. People may also drink the juice from selected leaves, when available, to cleanse their bodies and promote healing.

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