Māngere Integrated Community Health

This shift in perspective is critical to community engagement. Taking ownership of our health means that we are the leaders of health care and development in Māngere. MICH is a social movement that works for renegotiation of power relationships from a community leadership perspective. The community will provide sustained leadership to ensure that our people benefit across Māngere.

We believe this will be good for us all.

The approach to owning our health and working together to create our wellness must begin with the community, not with health providers or other agencies. This recognises that we have the greatest interest, involvement and investment in health. We are not merely passive recipients of services. This shift in perspective is critical to community engagement. It will need the support of providers and other agencies to make it to happen.

Here are some of our key directions:

  • We will participate in decision-making about the development and delivery of health services and wellness initiatives. We have a whole-of-community perspective based on our framework of inclusive relationships.
  • We insist that those who take actions that affect the lives of our people do so in a more holistic fashion in support of our aspirations.We will grow our knowledge and confidence to care for each other and collaborate with others to work on wellness into the future.
  • We will become informed about the health and wellness of our people and communities.
  • We will advocate for strategic leadership initiatives that promote the integrated care of our people. We will mobilise our people to take action on those initiatives, in particular on issues relating to service design and delivery.
  • We will champion the importance of relationships and relationship development in the design and delivery of our heath and other services.
  • We will challenge the segmentation of our common life as a strategic health issue. We will promote integration in ways that make space for different tikanga across the community.
  • We will set standards that lay out an inclusive approach to the achievement of the common good.
  • We will encourage the setting up of development structures that suit the way different communities wish to work.

Clearly these points imply change in key concepts such as ‘quality’. We believe the term has become consumerist and the system is stressed along with the people in it.