Māngere Integrated Community Health

This is our declaration:

  • We are a first nations people.
  • The basis of our identity is whānau, hapū, iwi and through whakapapa we link the land, the people and all living things in our world.
  • We have diverse interests as Māori but through the practice of tino rangatiratanga we can act for the benefit of all peoples, the land and the environment.
  • Our beliefs come from Te Ao Māori. Our practice of tikanga Māori includes the disciplines of mana, rangatiratanga and manaakitanga.
  • Tikanga sets the framework for our governance and also defines, regulates and protects the rights of whānau and hapū.
  • Our marae are expressions of our culture, tikanga, values and principles which sustain our uniqueness.
  • The importance of consensus decision making stems from the need to work collectively to get things right – weaving the people together.
  • An holistic approach to leadership is needed in order to practise accountability to whānau, hapū and iwi. Ko te iwi te rangatira o te rangatira – the people are the chiefs of the chiefs.
  • For a Tiriti/Treaty relationship to bear fruit for all people of Aotearoa New Zealand the one-world view of the Crown needs to open up to Te Ao Māori.
  • Through a negotiated view of the kāwanatanga function, leading to a more active involvement of Māori in governance activity for all people, the needs of New Zealanders, via the community, will be addressed more fully, more effectively and in a more sustainable manner.
  • The acknowledgment of Te Ao Māori and the respect for tino rangatiratanga will assist the reform of the kāwanatanga function in the interest of all peoples, the land and all living things.
  • We are committed to governing ourselves through the expression of mana motuhake, our enduring power leading to our self-determination.

Follow this link to read about the Mana Whenua of Māngere