Māngere Integrated Community Health

Te  Tiriti/Treaty guides the way we work together

Te Tiriti/Treaty relationships approach recognises the place of both Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti in Māngere. Te Tiriti/Treaty includes us all and expresses important things about our relationships together. It forms the base of our approach to our work.

In Māngere we value our worldviews as an important part of our identities as people. As we own our health we will lead from the perspective of who we are, Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti together, in this place we call home.

We use the Tiriti/Treaty relationships framework

We use the Tiriti/Treaty relationships approach to improve the power position of individuals and groups in the community. Te Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi relationship framework means we can express ourselves across the whole of Māngere. It includes our very diverse parts. Within such a framework the interests of Tangata Whenua and the diverse Tangata Tiriti interests can be worked on collectively while maintaining the essential integrity of those interests.

Tangata Whenua of Māngere

Tangata Whenua is the general term for Māori people. This includes three groups. One is Mana Whenua, people tied culturally to the area by ancestors who lived and died here. Another group are Taura Here who live in the area, but belong to tribes from other parts of Aotearoa/New Zealand. The third group are urban Māori who through choice or loss live outside tribal structures.

The Tangata Whenua acknowledge that Mana Whenua exercise mana whenuatanga (the rights and responsibilities that go with being Mana Whenua). The relationships we develop on our marae and in the community express our culture, tikanga and principles in ways that sustain us. (Tikanga means the Māori way of doing things, including customs and protocols, values and lore.) We have leadership responsibilities that we exercise for the good of all.

Tangata Whenua making decisions with others

The key aspiration of the Tangata Whenua is to provide leadership and participate in decision making. Tangata Whenua say: “We want to be involved in areas that affect the development and delivery of health services and wellness initiatives for the whole community.

We work in ways that bring balance and an ability to include people through:

  • the practice of rangatiratanga (leadership) – weaving the people together
  • demonstrating manaakitanga (hospitality) in practice
  • connecting the health and wellness of people to the health and wellness of the land
  • advocating strategic leadership initiatives that promote the integrated care of our people and mobilise them to take action on those initiatives.”

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Tangata Tiriti of Māngere

Tangata Tiriti are people whose right to belong in this country and to the land is by virtue of the Tiriti/Treaty of Waitangi. Tangata Tiriti say: “We also come with proud cultural traditions that are important to state and preserve in the way we own our health. Tangata Tiriti communities want to participate in the development of community level healthcare alongside Tangata Whenua.”

Aspirations of Tangata Tiriti

The key aspirations of Tangata Tiriti are summarised by the common themes running through the discussions of the various communities. The themes are:

  • Relationships are a key driver of action relating to service development and delivery
  • Leadership operates from the perspective of the community as principal stakeholder
  • Community participation at individual, family and community level needs to empower people not confirm them as passive recipients of service
  • Power sharing as a practical enabler of change
  • Importance of education and capacity development regarding knowledge of self and health
  • The importance of knowing how to analyse and work with cultural difference
  • The need for a holistic approach to working with people and the community as a whole
  • Care vs. cure, prevention vs. intervention, philosophy vs. lifestyle

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Declarations from the Māngere communities

Many Tangata Tiriti communities have drawn up a statement (or declaration) of their specific aspirations for health and wellness. Tangata Whenua have done the same and included an additional reflection on its community-wide responsibilities that arise from traditional cultural obligations from a Māori perspective. All the declarations stand alone.

Tangata Whenua declaration